Damascusn Mosaic

The Craft of inlaying mother of pearl in colored wood is one of the most ancient handcrafts.  It was started over 700 years ago by a Syrian artisan George Al-Bitar in Damascus, Syria.

It is the art of collecting and overlapping geometrically cut colored wooden shapes and inlaying them with mother of pearl and pure silver, which gives the piece an aesthetic and splendor look.

The Nezam home, Khaled ALAZM palace, and Anber office are three of the most famous houses decorated with Damascene Mosaic in Syria.

Damascene Mosaic became a Syrian ambassador to many countries in the world.  For example, The Élysée Palace and The Mexico National Palace were decorated with Damascene Mosaic furniture.

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Mother of Pearl Marquetry

The Damascus school of mother of pearl marquetry is very famous worldwide, and it has been producing the finest furniture and other decorative pieces for many centuries.

The oak trees that were abundant in the famous Orchards of Damascus and the oysters from the Euphrates River have historically supplied artisans with all they need for this craft.

Today the skills of the handicraft are passed from father to son with many workshops in Damascus old city still producing the finest mother of pearl inlays.

Type of wood

The most important kinds of wood are oak, walnut, olive, lemon, pine, and beech.

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