Set of Two Chess/backgammon board, Incloud (16" and 12" Chess/backgammon board, medium and small size)
Is characterized by style, precision and durability. The bottom half is a traditional chess board while the inner section is designed for backgammon.


We are your gateway to Syrian handcrafted treasures in silver and Mosaic!

Set of Two Chess and Backgammon board 16" and 12"

  • Travel size 12"/30 cm and 16"/40cm
    Small OR Medium Chess and Backgammon Board.

    The outer part is a traditional chess board and the interior is a backgammon games.
    Handmade of walnut, oak, olive, lemon and beech wood.

    Small size 12"/30 cm

    Weight, 700 gram

    Dimensions 30 x 15 x 6 (cm)When opened the dimension are 30 x 30 x 3 (cm)

    Square size: 20 X 20 mm

    Included are:-Chess/Backgammon Board 30 cm.

    -Set of Wooden Chess Pieces: King Height 5.5 cm diameter 1.7 cm.

    -Set of wooden Mosaic backgammon pieces: diameter 2 cm.

    -pair of dices.


    Medium Size 16"/40 cm
    Weight, 1.170 gram
    Dimensions 40 x 20 x 8 (cm)
    When opened the dimension are 40 x 40 x 4 (cm)
    Square size: 35 X 35 mm

    Included are:

    -Chess/Backgammon Board 40 cm.
    -Set of Wooden Chess Pieces: King Height 7 cm diameter 2.1 cm.
    -Set of wooden Mosaic backgammon pieces: diameter 2.5 cm.
    -pair of dices.

  • Our Mosaic,
       Wooden mosaic made by skilled Syrian artisans inlaid with mother of pearl and lined with red or indigo velvet.
    Our Jewelry,
       Classic, timeless and heritage Jewelry designs studded with gemstone, made by skilled Syrian artisans.


Hazel Gibbs


great quality, fast delivery



Years I was searching for nice backgammon pieces and luckily, you were there! The items are great and exactly as expected. The transaction went smoothly and the shipping was fast. I definitely recommend their business. Thanks again!

Avril Ozen


Many years ago on an overseas trip I purchased a gorgeous inlaid backgammon set, but upon my return home found that I had been given the wrong game pieces. With Bassem's help I was able to find the pieces that I needed and finally my set is complete. 5 stars for excellent communication and follow through. The pieces are beautiful!

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