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Gemstone That is suitable for you

Each gemstone has a meaning and value and can influence one’s life and personality, so, what are gemstones and what is their meaning to you? What is the correlation between a gemstone and one’s date of birth; date of birth and astronomy; zodiac sign and gemstones?

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Choosing a Gemstone that Is Appropriate for You

Some people feel unconvinced about the correlation between gemstones and zodiac signs for many reasons.

Financial reason: gemstones are usually expensive and are sometimes over one’s budget.

One could think that the correlation between the date of birth and a gemstone is a superstition.

We should mention that many sciences play a significant role in shaping our daily lives, such as, astronomy connects our daily life with the movement of the moon, tides, planets and stars. So, obviously, we cannot ignore that gemstones influence our life with positive and negative effects.

The people have known the influence of gemstones on their lives since ancient times; therefore, they classify and study them.  Not only did they do that but also, they have found    the correlation between gems and sciences, so that people overcame their superstitions associated with the use of gemstones. Each gemstone has a meaning, value and influence on people’s lives.

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Correlation Between Our Date of Birth with Astronomy

Astronomers have been monitoring the orbit and movement of the planets for centuries, and its correlation with our date of birth.

They divided the year into four sections. Each one has four periods called zodiac (earth, air, water, fire) which links our lives to the four basic natural elements. Then they combined three zodiac signs in a group and connected them to a certain planet.

First group: Earth signs

The people that carry these signs have strong personality traits of   realism, financial sense and are steady like a rock, unlike being imaginary, they are practical.

  • Capricorn: from 22 Dec -19 Jan (The planet affecting is Saturn)

  • Taurus: from 20 April -20 May (The planet affecting is Venus)

  • Virgo: from 23 Aug -22 Sep (The planet affecting is Mercury)

Second group: air signs

They like relationships and social ties, rationality; some of them are thinkers and creators; they always think wisely.

  • Aquarius: from 20 Jan – 18 Feb (The Planetary affecting are Saturn and Uranus)

  • Gemini: from 21 May -21 Jun (The planet affecting is Mercury)

  • Libra: from 23 Sep -23 Oct (The planet affecting is Venus)

Third group: water signs

This group has strong emotional connection, magic dominates those around them

  • Pisces: from 19 Feb -20 Mar (The Planetary affecting are Jupiter and Neptune)

  • Cancer: from 22 Jun -22 Jul (The planet affecting is the moon)

  • Scorpion: from 24 Oct -22 Nov (The planet affecting is Mars)

Fourth group: Fire signs

They are very emotional, adventurous, get angry easily and at the same time they are tolerant.

  • Aries: from 21 Mar – 19 Apr (The Planetary affecting are Mars and Pluto)

  • Leo: from 23 Jul -22 Aug (The planet affecting is   the sun)

  • Sagittarius: from 22 Nov -21 Dec (The planet affecting is Jupiter)

Correlation between gemstones and zodiac signs

Aries: (fire zodiac) suitable with ruby for courage, Symbolizes to the force and adventure.

  • Taurus: (earth zodiac) suitable with Emerald (Green color), Symbolizes to the sincerity of love, honesty and tranquility

  • Gemini :(air zodiac) suitable with Yellow Sapphire, Symbolizes serenity, spirituality

  • Cancer :(water zodiac) suitable with Pearl, Symbolizes uniqueness and perfection

  • Leo (fire zodiac) suitable with ruby courage, symbolizes the force and adventure. Also suitable with Diamond which symbolizes glory.

  • Virgo (earth zodiac) suitable with Garnet; symbolizes stability, and creativity.

  • Libra (air zodiac) suitable with stone of the sky – Sapphire that brings luck and success.

  • Scorpio (water zodiac) suitable with Turquoise that brings tranquility, luck and protects from envy.

  • Sagittarius (fire zodiac) suitable with Sapphire (as well yellow Sapphire), brings inner peace.

  • Capricorn (earth zodiac) suitable with Garnet as well as Turquoise, to give the power.

  • Aquarius (air zodiac) suitable with Diamond as well as Turquoise, for transparency, honesty and power.

  • Pisces (water zodiac) suitable with Yellow Sapphire as well as Sapphire, for serenity, richness, to prevent envy.


Names and meanings of gemstones


  • Diamond:   Symbolizes the serenity, purity, immortality. It is also called reconciliation stone.

  • Pearl:  Symbolizes perfection and origin, also referred to being unique and rare.

  • Emerald (Green color): It demonstrates transparency and tenderness, and symbolizes sincerity of love.

  • Sapphire: symbolizes the serenity, wisdom. and demonstrates justice and truth.

  • Yellow Sapphire: symbolizes to the serenity, spirituality, emotion, determination and richness.

  • Turquoise (turquoise color): demonstrates the great virtue and energy, as well as success.

  • Garnet (bright red color): demonstrates loyalty, energy, stability, and creativity

  • Red Ruby: demonstrates courage, determination, as well force and adventure.

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